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Not a Dream, Not a Joke, the Kindergarten Cop 2 Trailer is Here

By Zach


Seeming like some sort of fever dream, even when promo photos came out for it, Kindergarten Cop 2 is frighteningly real now with the release of the trailer.  Dolph Lundgren takes over for Arnold, although not the same character or the same school, as an FBI agent who must infiltrate a preppy elementary school as a teacher because one of the kindergartners may have information about stolen data on a USB drive.  Bill Bellamy co-stars as Lundgren’s partner behind the scenes.  The trailer feels like it fell out of a time machine from the mid-90’s with an absolutely terrible trailer voiceover guy and wacky fonts.  Kindergarten Cop is not a masterpiece but it’s definitely Arnold’s best comedic movie full of memorable quotes.  It was also a very one-off concept and it’s baffling why now Universal felt it was time for a sequel.  It’s out on DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD on May 17th and you can check out the trailer, if you dare, below.


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