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Musical Montage: Damien Carter “Just Hanging Out”


There are many, many inexplicable scenes in James Nguyen’s masterpiece of awfulness Birdemic: Shock and Terror like bizarre lectures on the environment from random forest hippies, an interminable opening credits sequence, the main character’s obsession with solar panels but for this edition of Musical Montage, the focus is on the “dance sequence” of the movie.  Out on a date, our main characters Rob and Nathalie are at a seemingly abandoned BBQ joint that is possibly supposed to be a nightclub but that doesn’t stop the live performance of Damien Carter, who delivers the instant classic song, “Just Hanging Out”, that is mostly just Carter repeating the phrase “hanging out” over and over again.  Rob and Nathalie also bust out some of the whitest dance moves in movie history while getting down to the song.  Check out the whole sequence below, with some added flair by youtuber Meat4Feet.

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