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Musical Montage: Sam Smith “Writing’s On the Wall”

By Zach


One of the many upsets of last week’s Oscars was Sam Smith somehow defeating Lady Gaga and her anthem to the victims of college sexual assault “Til It Happens To You” from The Hunting Ground, which seemed like an absolute shoe in to win.  Maybe the Oscar voters just hadn’t heard that song or were just huge fans of tentacle porn but the theme song from Spectre took the big win.  Writing’s On The Wall isn’t the worst Bond theme song ever (I would say that dubious honor still belongs to Madonna’s Die Another Day) but it definitely isn’t near the top either and it definitely doesn’t live up to the old school awesomeness of Adele’s Skyfall.  You can check out Sam Smith’s official music video for the song below along with the tentacle filled Spectre credit sequence below.

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