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Nic Cage and Elijah Wood Plan a Heist in The Trust

By Zach


It seems like maybe the key to a good Nicolas Cage movie is that he has a mustache, Big Daddy sported one in Kick Ass and now he’s sporting one for what looks like a fun, darkly comic heist movie, The Trust.  Teaming up with Elijah Wood, the pair are low rung evidence room clerks for the LVPD who discover the possible location for a ton of drug money and plan to steal it for themselves.  It seems like things will probably go bad at the end but the build up seems like it will be fun with Wood and Cage bouncing off each other and Cage seeming like he’s giving one of his classic “slightly unhinged” performances as opposed to the bored, bad dads he’s been playing in VOD garbage like Pay the Ghost.  The movie will hit DirectTV subscribers early on April 14th and everyone else will get to check it out a month later on May 13th, check out the trailer below.

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