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John Travolta Channels John Wick for I Am Wrath (Trailer)


Currently doing some tremendous prosthetics acting as Robert Shapiro on The People vs OJ Simpson, John Travolta will be getting some brutal revenge in the upcoming action movie, I Am Wrath.  Starring as Stanley Hill, whose wife is murdered during a carjacking, Travolta must go back into his dark past to get revenge on the criminals that commited the crime.  Chris Meloni is along for the ride as Travolta’s old buddy who comes along for the ride and with the plot and visuals, it’s clearly trying to give Travolta his own John Wick.  Chuck Russell, who directed The Scorpion King and our Movie of the Month Eraser , is directing and the movie is out on VOD in April and in select theaters in May, check out the trailer below.

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