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Battle at the Box Office 3/14

By Zach


Zootopia remained on the top of the box office for another week in a row while 10 Cloverfield Lane had the strongest debut of the new releases.

Zootopia took in another $50 million, only dropping about 33% from last weekend, and it’s made over $142 million for it’s two weeks out.  It’s currently fifth overall in the rankings of Disney’s animated features since 2007, closing in on Wreck It Ralph’s total of $189 million.

10 Cloverfield Lane took second with $25 million, not quite as good as Cloverfield’s $40 million opening weekend but that movie had a much longer marketing campaign and more mystery of what actually was going on that drew people in.  It has some of the strongest reviews of the year so far, so it should hold on well next weekend.

Deadpool stayed in third with $10.8 million, bringing it to over $700 million worldwide for it’s five weeks out and it’s topped the worldwide grosses of both Iron Man and Man of Steel.

London Has Fallen and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot rounded out the top five.

The other three new releases all had mediocre debuts in sixth, seventh and eighth with The Perfect Match taking in $4.2 million, The Young Messiah taking in $3.4 million and The Brothers Grimsby took in $3.2 million, the lowest opening ever for Sacha Baron Cohen.

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