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Musical Montage: The Boxmasters

Posted on April 11, 2016 by


When he’s not acting, Billy Bob Thornton is the front man for the country/rockabilly band The Boxmasters, which also featured Everything Action favorite Danny Baker aka Unknown Hinson on bass guitar.  Billy Bob formed the band in 2007 after he had done a number of solo albums on the side while he was acting and, before he was an actor, he was a roadie and performed in a number of cover bands.  The Boxmasters have released five albums and toured around North America, although things got dicey in Canada when the band had a disastrous radio interview in 2009 where Billy Bob basically shut down and got combative when the DJ passingly mentioned his acting career, as Billy Bob wanted the interview to be exclusively about the band and the music and then compared Canadian audiences to “mashed potatoes with no gravy” and they had to cancel most of the rest of their tour opening for Willie Nelson.  The band eventually got back on the road and are still active today, with Billy Bob even wanting to develop a comic book based around the band.  Check out some of The Boxmasters’ songs below.

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