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Battle at the Box Office 4/18

By Zach


Disney’s gambit to reboot all their animated classics into live action continues to pay off as The Jungle Book remake destroyed the box office with $103 million for it’s opening weekend.  Compared to the last few Disney live action films, it’s only behind Alice in Wonderland and made over $40 million more than Maleficent and Cinderella.  It was the second highest April opening ever behind Furious 7.  Adding it’s international take, it’s made $294 million so far.

Barbershop: The Next Cut took second with $20.2 million, slightly below the original Barbershop movie and better than the Beauty Shop spin-off from 2005.  The movie has excellent reviews and audience ratings, so it could stick around for a bit.

The Boss dropped to third with a 57% drop off from last week’s number one opening, taking in another $10.1 million, putting it at $40.4 million for it’s two weeks out.  The drop is the highest ever for Melissa McCarthy and the movie got horrible reviews and audience reaction, so it could continue to plummet.

Batman v Superman and Zootopia rounded out the top 5, putting their totals to $311.3 million and $307.5 million respectively.

Criminal, despite it’s murder’s row of acting talent, had a mediocre $5.8 million opening and took sixth, well below Kevin Costner’s last attempt at a Liam Neesonesque action movie, 3 Days to Kill (which made over $12 million it’s opening weekend).

The only other big movement was Hardcore Henry, which took a nosedive and left the top 10 in it’s second week, coming in 11th with only another $1.5 million.


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