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Preview of Pax East 2016

By Chris



With PAX East coming up by the end of this week, we are looking forward to see the latest and greatest from companies looking to overload us with gaming eye candy. PAX East hosts over 150 developers and publishers, and draws in huge crowds each day of the event. There are a ton of creative talent under one building and we are getting our hands on some working prototypes and polished alphas to play. Below is the growing list of games and development teams we are looking to visit at PAX East and we’ll be updating you all on the events we’ll be attending.

Behemoth Games

The team behind one of our favorite “Dick over your friends” game Castle Crashers is back to release a open beta at PAX East with Pit People, a fast pace, co-op turn base action RPG. We’re preparing for our in evident friendly fist fighting.

Heads Up Games

Inspired by Quake and Super Meat Boy, SEUM is a throwback to a simpler satanic time where precise platfoming was key and metal was brutal.

A revamped version of Treasure Arena, it’s a multi player action game that has players duke it out for treasure collecting domination.

Skymap Games

Everyone loves Bacon. Why not a game about it? This action-adventure platformer places you as the Bacon Man, the hero to save the day one crispy punch at a time.

Dreamsail Games


Prepare for the most graceful combat brawler, Blade Ballet is a multi player robotic blade whirling action game that features 10 unique bladed bots that we get to smash into each other to see who is the most gracefully deadly of them all!



The world has come a long way since Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Now people want realism to the top degree. SCS Software developed American Truck Simulator to get gamers to see how freaking hard it is to drive one of these giants.

Black Forest Games

Rogue Stormers combines the chaotic gameplay of a shoot’em up and the character customization of a RPG. Rouge Stormers is getting its ready for its major release this month and we are getting a closer look before everyone else.


Soda Drinker Pro is everything you want with half the fat, and no sugar of regular leading games. Nothing can prepare you for drinking Soda like a Pro.


Thumper is a self described rhythm violence game that combines highway base rhythm timing and trippy colors.

The Good Mood Creators

A fast pace platformer that is features different mekanimals that swing, bounce, and fly ever changing obstacles and environments. I do like the use of nostalgic gameplay of Sonic and the colorful robotic themes on the designs.


Want to be star of your own game but don’t have the time to gather the resources and find a team to start development? Well, Gamester is here to help. The team behind Gamester wants to make you the face and lead of your own custom game with their unique approach from capturing your likeness and digitizing them into a personal game that you can play anytime and anywhere. Check at their upcoming work at GamesterMobile.com


Created by Whale Box Studios, Goliath is an open-world Action RPG, in which players build, customize, and outfit giant robots and then send them into an open-world field to do battle against equally dangerous adversaries, monsters, and unusual foes.

Created by The Game Bakers, inspired by Metal Gear Solid, God Hand, and Super Punch-Out!, Furi’s mix of fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting that challenges players to eight intense boss fights with stylish visuals and gameplay.


A multiplayer vehicle combat action game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by an alien invasion and human testing. Players will build, customize and upgrade their own deadly vehicles to into war machines to fight it out in the wastelands.

HappyGiant, LLC and Tippett Studio:

Mixing augmented reality and turn base card games, HoloGrid Monster Battle is the newest game to bring a hybrid board game that has the visual effects of Tippett studio and the game designs of Happy Giant. This time, you don’t have to let the Wookie win.

Adult Swim Games

Adult Swim is firing 8 guns strong with presenting a strong line up bizarre and colorful games that you can play before their nightly TV line up.


Become an agent of Death in this beast-slaying action RPG with gigantic monsters, fiendish knights and unspeakable horrors.


This game is absolutely, positively going to kick your ass, but don’t worry— you’ll love every hard poly, neon-colored second of it.


Steel your nerves for n introspective moon walk through an aggressive alien ghost story.



Blast through a retro 70’s sci-fi action adventure with psychotic robots in the ultimate head trip.


Slice through time to take back what’s rightfully yours in a neo-noir, instant-death action platformer.


You’re wild. You’re delicious. You’re a slugcat, and somewhere in this brutal, ruined ecosystem… your family is waiting.


Use your arsenal of special ammo to save video games from an invasion of bald space marines in this think-and-gun shooter.


Shoot. Loot. Repeat. The world has ended but the party hasn’t, so load up and get wasted— or get wasted trying.

Rising Star Games


Created by Triple Eh? Ltd, Lumo is a retro platform adventure game that features tricky level designs and multiple puzzles to solve.

I Want To Be Human

Created by Sinclair Strange  Everyone knows the age-old love story, right? Boy meets vampire girl, boy falls in love with vampire girl, boy gets turned into a hat by evil forces trying to take over the world… wait, what? There’s only one way to fix it: go on a bloodthirsty rampage of death and destruction in a quest to get your boyfriend back! Packed with crazy platform blasting action, tongue-in-cheek humor, and lashings of exploding body parts, players head out on a journey through hell and back (literally) to save the vampire girl’s beau.

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