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The Final X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Brings The Claws


The final X-Men trailer has arrived and puts Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) front and center as the new leader of the X-Men when Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is captured by Apocalypse (Oscar Issac) and his followers.  Despite the timeline wonkiness and the original X movies, Raven is firmly on the side of good this time around, rallying the young mutants like Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Jubilee to try and save the world from annihilation.  There’s a bunch of new footage in this final trailer and there’s two pretty big revelations.  One is that Quicksilver confirms that Magneto is his father and the other is that we can expect a certain clawed Canuck to show up for a bit, as there’s a tease to close out the trailer.  Check it out below and the movie is out on May 27th.

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