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The Force Continues to Awaken in Three New LEGO Shorts



DisneyXD and LEGO continue their series of The Force Awakens prequel shorts with three new episodes following Han, Rey and Maz Kanata.  All three episodes are tied together with a loose story thread of Han and Chewie trying to deliver those pesky rathtars and the various parties that hired them trying to hunt them down for cheating them.  The first episode find Han and Chewie trying to doge the First Order while corraling the rathtars, the second (and best IMHO) finds Maz trying to keep control of the rowdy bounty hunters in her castle cantina and features the return of an old friend who has yet to return in live action and the third finds Rey dealing with a pair of dim witted thugs sent by junk dealer Unkar Plutt to steal her speeder.  They are all a blast and feature a ton of great easter eggs and references for fans and there are more on the way later this year.  Check out all three new episodes below.





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