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The Story Behind the Leak is Revealed in Snowden (Trailer)


Oliver Stone has been tackling controversial subjects for year with movies like JFK, World Trade Center, W and now he’s tackling one of the most controversial events definitely of the last few years and possibly of all time with his biopic on Edward Snowden.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Snowden, who was recruited by the NSA after a training accident cancelled his plans to fight in the Iraq War.  He discovered the shocking breadth of the surveillance the NSA was conducting and stole tons of classified documents and leaked them to The Guardian newspaper in Britain and then fled to Russia after being charged with theft and unauthorized disclosure of classified documents.  Shailene Woodley, Rhys Ifans,  Timothy Olyphant, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson and Nicolas Cage co-star in the film version of the story.  We probably won’t know until the full film comes out but it seems like Stone is leaning on the side of Snowden being a heroic whistleblower rather than a dissident traitor.  The movie was delayed being released last year but is scheduled for September 16th this year, you can check out the trailer below.

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