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Musical Montage: Vanessa Williams “Where Do We Go From Here”


Eraser’s score was already kind of insane with Lethal Weaponesque guitar riffs complimenting the Alan Silvestri score and, since your co-star is Vanessa Williams, there was also a completely out of nowhere love ballad on the soundtrack as well.  Having previously had a bunch of hit songs, including her signature song “Save the Best for Last”, Vanessa Williams sang “Where Do We Go From Here” for Eraser, which you can hear during the end credits.  What’s strange is that it seems like it’s implying a romantic relationship between Arnold’s John Kruger and Williams’ Lee Cullen but that isn’t what happens in the movie at all.  Unfortunately Arnold doesn’t show up either and the only real ties to Eraser are clips from the movie intercut with Williams singing in an abandoned industrial warehouse.  Check it out below.

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