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Movie of the Month: Kindergarten Cop 2


We love the original Kindergarten Cop and we love Dolph Lundgren here at Everything Action but we’re more morbidly curious than excited about Kindergarten Cop 2, which arrives on DVD and Netflix on May 17th.

It seems like the main joke, since it’s been almost 30 years since the original Kindergarten Cop, is that you’ve got old school Dolph Lundgren having to deal with the snotty, PC school he’s undercover at because there’s somehow stolen data there.  I think we’re also interested to see how Dolph fares in a full on comedy, he was sort of the comic relief in Expendables 2 and 3 but I don’t think he’s ever been in a flat out comedy before.  We’ll check it out at the end of the month and see if it’s fun or a failure.

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