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Netflix Unleashes the Full Voltron Trailer


Netflix keeps bring all your favorites back, whether it’s Full House, Wet Hot American Summer or Pee Wee Herman and now they are bring back the Legendary Defender, Voltron, for a new Dreamworks Animation series.  Debuting on June 10th, the new series reboots the story of the Lion Force as five teen heroes stumble across the powerful lion robots and are tasked to pilot them against an evil that is threatening the universe.  The voice cast includes Rhys Darby, Josh Keaton, Kimberly Brooks, Tyler Labine, Jeremy Shade, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Steven Yeun and it’s executive produced by Joaquim Dos Santos, who has produced the DC animated movies and Legend of Korra, and Lauren Montgomery, also of the DC movies and Korra.  It definitely has that Korra/Avatar anime-inspired look and the new Voltron keeps the classic look but with the power of today’s animation.  Check out the trailer below.

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