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Battle at the Box Office 5/16

By Zach


Civil War easily held onto the top spot at the box office this past weekend, making another $72.5 million and pushing past $942 million worldwide, becoming the second highest grossing movie of 2016 behind fellow Disney film Zootopia and the 33rd all time highest grossing film.  It’s take this weekend also put the MCU over $10 billion in total box office for the franchise between the 13 films released so far.

The Jungle Book stayed in second with another $17.8 million, putting it over $311 million total.

Money Monster did the best of the new releases with $15 million, which was kind of on the low end for George Clooney as it was his eleventh best opening, between Three Kings and The American.  Being her widest release ever, it was Jodie Foster’s best opening ever as a director and it was the 15th best opening for Julia Roberts.

The Darkness took fourth with $5.2 million, which still made money thanks to the minuscule budgets given out by Blumhouse.  Mother’s Day took a nosedive with no holiday bump and dropped to fifth with another $3.3 million.

Nothing else really moved too much on the charts but we’ll see what happens this weekend as the first major kid focused movie of the summer, Angry Birds, arrives in theaters alongside two other new releases.


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