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The Intensity is Off the Charts in Don’t Breathe (Trailer)


Fede Alavarez, who directed the insanely gory and excellent Evil Dead remake is back this summer with the unbelievably intense looking Don’t Breathe.  Starring Evil Dead’s Jane Levy and Goosebumps’ Dylan Minnette as a pair of teenagers who have a plan to escape their hometown and plan to rob the house of an older man who they believe has a stash of cash.  The man (Stephen Lang), even though he’s blind, proves to be a dangerous adversary, killing a third teen (Daniel Zovatto of It Follows) and then playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with the remaining two thieves.  Imagine the scene from Silence of the Lambs where Clarice is in the dark and Buffalo Bill has night vision for an entire movie and that seems like how intense and crazy this movie looks.  It seems like Lang is also up to some more nefarious things as well in his basement.  The movie is out on August 26th and you can check out the trailer below.

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