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Things Look Slightly Better in the New Ghostbusters Trailer


The first trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot is currently the most disliked trailer in youtube history.  It was not cut together that great and not very funny but it probably didn’t deserve what seems to be some sort of concentrated attack by haters of varying degrees.  This new trailer is much better but I’m still not sure if this movie is going to be good or a disaster.  Getting rid of the confusing intro text of the last trailer that made it seem like it was in the same universe as the previous two films, this new trailer does a much better job of showing off the variety of ghosts the new GBs are up against and more of what the overall plot is, which seems to be that there’s some sort of device under NYC amplifying ghostly activity and the ghostly mastermind behind it seems to take possession of Chris Hemsworth’s character.  The ghosts and effects look cool but there’s still not big laugh out loud moment from any of the funny ladies in the cast, but hopefully that will come when the actual movie arrives on July 15th, check out the new trailer below.


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