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The New Star Trek Beyond Trailer is Here


If you’re looking for a slightly more serious, less Beastie Boys filled Star Trek Beyond trailer, you’ve come to the right place as the first full trailer for the movie is a much more standard look at what we can expect from the Enterprise crew in their third adventure on the big screen.  Justin Lin of the Fast & Furious films takes over from JJ Abrams and Beyond picks up a few years into the Enterprise’s five year mission.  While exploring an area near the frontier of known space, the ship is attacked and the crew is forced to abandon ship and get scattered to different areas of the nearby planet.  It’s all part of some plan by the new villain, Krall, who’s played by Idris Elba but the Enterprise gets help from a new alien ally played by future Mummy Sofia Boutella.  It looks like this third movie has the same great action and character banter that JJ established in the first two movies and it’s out on July 22nd, check out the new trailer below.


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