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ET Meets Monster Jam in Monster Trucks (Trailer)


Our upcoming MacGyver Lucas Till goes back to high school next year, playing teenager Tripp in Monster Trucks.  Tripp has made an off road truck by cobbling together parts at the local junkyard but he finds the unlikely key piece to finishing his creation when he finds a strange creature who is somehow able to enhance the truck’s speed and capabilities and the two quickly become unlikely friends.  Tripp has to keep his new friend safe from the people hunting him and crazy chases ensue.  Jane Levy, Barry Pepper, Thomas Lennon, Danny Glover, Holt McCallany, Amy Ryan and Rob Lowe are all part of the crazily talented cast for what seems like some sort of crazy fever dream or a parody of a real movie, but this thing is real and coming next January.  Check out the trailer below.

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