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Musical Montage: Rick & Morty Season 2


Season 2 of Rick & Morty arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow, so you can relive every hilarious, disgusting and unexpectedly dramatic moment from one of the best shows on TV.  Everything great about the first season was amped up in Season 2, especially the musical side of things, with a full episode (Get Schwifty) dedicated to Rick & Morty having to represent Earth in an intergalactic music contest and guest star Jermaine Clement singing a bizarre song about Moonmen. Check out all the musical highs from Season 2 below.

Moonmen by Fart and Morty

Head Bent Over by Rick & Morty

Get Schwifty by Rick & Morty

Tiny Rick’s Song

Let Me Out by Tiny Rick

Summer and Tinkles’ Song

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