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Scott Adkins is the Prey in Hard Target 2


Kickboxer and Bloodsport remakes are on the way but another JCVD classic is getting a sequel with Hard Target 2.  Starring Scott Adkins as a world champion martial artist who is lured to Uruguay for what he’s told is a special fight but turns out to be a hunt where he’s the prey.  Robert Knepper and Rhona Mitra are some of the hunters in the gang and it looks like there will be plenty of Scott Adkins ass kicking prowess.  The only concerning thing is that it will lack John Woo’s distinctive flavor that was all over the first movie that brought us so many classic action moments, like Van Damme punching out a snake, Van Damme unholstering his leg or Van Damme killing the main villain with a grenade to the crotch.  Scott Adkins does say the phrase “Hard Target” in the trailer, so we do have that.  It’s out on September 6th and you can check out the trailer below.

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