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Inferno Trailer #2


The full trailer for Inferno is here, the third movie based on Dan Brown’s series of novels following the adventures of Harvard professor Robert Langdon, although Inferno is the fourth book in the series (Sony seems to be skipping the Masonic themed Lost Symbol for now, read into that whatever conspiracy you want).  Tom Hanks is back as Langdon, who is recruited to help solve the mystery of a man (Ben Foster) who killed himself rather than be caught by the Italian authorities and left a pocket projector with an altered map of Dante’s Inferno that could hold the clues to a world ending plauge ready to be unleashed.  Langdon loses his memory while in Italy though and has to team up with a doctor, Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), to retrace his steps and solve the clues.  Ron Howard is back to direct and it looks like the highest stakes yet for the series, to the point where it seems like you need someone like a Bond or Jason Bourne and not a symbologist with no tactical skills but we’ll find out when it arrives in October.  Check out the trailer below.

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