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News Shotgun 7/16


  • Rick and Morty VR game announced: You’ll be able to fully explore Rick’s garage in an upcoming HTC Vive game from the team behind Job Simulator.  Justin Roiland recorded all new dialogue for the game.
  • The Lost Boys sequel comic announced: Vertigo Comics is doing a sequel to the original 80’s classic, The Lost Boys, ignoring the two direct to video sequels and picking things up with a new clan of female vampires who arrive in Santa Clara looking for their lost sister Star, who was played by Jami Gertz in the movie.
  • Mortal Kombat 3 teased by Christopher Lambert: The former Raiden was giving an interview to Loaded, a UK equivalent to something like Maxim, and said that there is work going on for a third movie, where he might reprise his role as Raiden, and said there’s a time travel twist where fights might occur across multiple time periods.
  • New Arkham game out on iOS: WB has released Batman: Arkham Underground to the iOS devices.  It’s a prequel to the Arkham games and you choose one of five villains (Harley, Killer Croc, Riddler, Mr. Freeze or Scarecrow) and build up a lair, hire henchmen and try to stay out of the way of The Dark Knight.
  • The Founder pushed back to awards season: The biopic about Ray Kroc (played by Michael Keaton), was originally supposed to be out next month but it has pushed back to a limited run on December 16th in a play for some Oscar recognition.  The movie will open wide in January of next year.
  • MoviePass announces new pricing plans: Depending on your area, there are new pricing plans for the MoviePass subscription service.  For between $15-21 dollars, you’ll be able to see 2 movies a month, $22-31 for 3 movies a month and $40-50 for unlimited movies a month.  These plans are only for regular 2D movies and don’t include 3D or Imax
  • Tarantino has two movies leftQuentin Tarantino was being interviewed by Variety and said he believe he only has two movies left to make, which would give him 10 films total.  The Hateful Eight was his eighth film and he’s been talking about making ten films only for years.
  • Saw: Legacy might have a directing team: The new Saw movie may start shooting this fall and a directing team may have been chosen with The Spierig Brothers, who recently directed the trippy time travel movie Predestination, starring Ethan Hawke.
  • Fox developing a Marvel show: Fox has two DC based shows but they may be getting a Marvel/X-Men related show from Bryan Singer and Matt Nix, who created Burn Notice.  The show is about two parents who find out their kids have mutant powers and are forced to go on the run from the government.
  • Battlefield possibly getting a TV series: Paramount is working on developing the Battlefield series of games into a TV show.  It’s not clear which series would be the source, the WWII originals, the modern ones or the new WWI one.  A show based on Battlefield: Bad Company, was in the works but never went anywhere.
  • Javier Bardem is Frankenstein’s Monster: Joining the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe, Javier Bardem will play Frankenstein’s Monster in a future movie (a new Frankenstein hasn’t been announced yet).  It’s not clear if he will be the classic green skinned, bolt necked Boris Karloff version or more like Rory Kinnear’s take on Penny Dreadful (I would probably guess the latter).
  • Kurt Russell comic crossover coming: Boom Comics currently has both a Escape From New York and Big Trouble in Little China series and they will be crossing over in October when Jack Burton is transported to the dark future of 1997 and meets Snake Plissken.

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