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Jackie Chan Teams Up with Johnny Knoxville in Skiptrace (Trailer)

By Zach


Jackie Chan has has a bunch of partners in various “buddy cop” movies, like Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson, but he’s teaming up with Johnny Knoxville later this year for Skiptrace.  Knoxville is an American gambler, Connor Watts, who witnesses a notorious Chinese criminal murder a woman and Hong Kong cop Bennie Chan (Chan) tracks him down and has to get him back Macau to testify.  Connor doesn’t go easily and the two end up on a wacky adventure that takes them to Mongolia and up against various henchmen sent by the criminal.  It doesn’t seem like a classic like Rush Hour but it could be fun and Jackie Chan is still almost killing himself for our enjoyment, so it will probably be worth a look when it comes out in September, check out the trailer below.

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