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Both Flavors of The Walking Dead Get Trailers at SDCC


The Walking Dead always has a huge presence at Comic Con and this year even more so as everyone was still reeling from the shocking Season 6 finale where one of the main characters got killed by the sadistic Negan, the leader of the “Saviors” group played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  The trailer for Season 7 doesn’t offer much about who got killed but it does remind everyone who it could potentially be before getting into the new stuff like the introduction of The Kingdom and it’s leader King Ezekiel, who has a pet tiger named Shiva.  Morgan and Carol will be the first members of our main group to visit The Kingdom as Morgan met a few of it’s members in the final episode of Season 6 and it seems like Morgan will ask them for help to look at Carol’s injuries she sustained taking on some saviors.  The new season of The Walking Dead starts on October 23rd.

On the Fear the Walking Dead front, the second half of the second season will take place in Mexico, as our group of survivors are scattered following the mid-season finale.  Nick may have gone somewhat off the deep end and is walking among the zombies until he’s picked up by a group of survivors who sacrifice people to the zombies to keep the rest of the group safe while Madison, Alicia, Strand and Ofelia split their time between scavenging supplies and looking for Nick and Travis and Chris are on their own after Chris turned into a creepy potential murderer.  The setting is a nice change of pace from the boat of the first half and the South of Walking Dead proper and Fear picks back up on August 21st.

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