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The LEGO Batman Movie Introduces Lego Robin (Trailer)

By Zach

After a couple hilarious teasers a few months ago, Comic Con gave us our first real look at The LEGO Batman Movie and it looks amazing.  After stealing the show in The LEGO Movie, Will Arnett’s Batman is going solo back in his corner of the LEGO universe but Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) insists that he needs more in his life than just dressing in black and fighting criminals, like raising the orphan that Batman adopted and just utterly forgot about.  Making him his sidekick, Robin (Michael Cera) joins Batman to take on the Joker (Zach Galifinakis) and other threats to Gotham.  Everything about this looks great, like Batman’s endless costumes, Alfred being kind of a dick, and Robin’s naive optimism butting against Batman’s angsty menace.  Chris McKay, who’s directed episodes of Robot Chick, Moral Orel and Titan Maximum, is directing and it’s out in February next year.  Check out the trailer below.

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