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There’s Flashpoint, JSA and More when The CW DCverse Returns (Trailers)


Although the big screen DC properties took over pretty much everything at SDCC, The CW’s DC shows were in attendance as well and, except for Supergirl, all got new trailers for the upcoming seasons.  The biggest and craziest might be Flash, as *spoilers* Barry decided to travel back in time after defeating Zoom and save his mother from Reverse Flash, making it so both his parents are alive and well in the present but, as any good DC fan knows, that change sets off a chain reaction that gave us the insane Flashpoint universe in the comics.  Things don’t look as drastic here but Barry has destroyed pretty much every relationship he had as Iris, Joe and Cisco don’t know who he is and Wally is Central City’s Flash.


Over on Legends of Tomorrow, after a rough first season, there was a pretty interesting tease in the final moments of the season finale when Rex Tyler aka the JSA’s Hourman arrived from the future and apparently needed the Legends help.  The next season seems like the team will be doing more general Timecopping, as the threat of Vandal Savage is gone and the Time Masters are as well, so they are stopping things like an alternate history where NYC is bombed by a nuke in World War II.


Finally, over on Arrow, the big thing for Season 5 seems to be that Oliver will be training a group of new vigilantes to help protect Star City as he splits his time between being the Green Arrow and the mayor.  Curtis aka Mr. Terrific, Evelyn Sharp, who impersonated Black Canary rather convincingly last season and Rene Ramirez aka Wild Dog.  It also looks like unfortunately there will be more flashbacks but hopefully Oliver’s adventures in the Russian mob are more interesting than that slog on the island last season.


There’s a four episode crossover between Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl sometime in the fall and all the shows are back in October.

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