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Action Hero of the Week: Kit Walker


Name: Kit Walker

Occupation: The Phantom

Family: Father (The 20th Phantom, deceased)

Allies: Diana Palmer, Guran, Sala, Dave Palmer, Captain Phillip Horton, Devil, Hero

Enemies: Xander Drax, Quill, Sengh Brotherhood, Kabei Sengh and his pirates, Zephro brothers

Weapon(s) of Choice: Dual Hardballer pistols, fists

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote:

Xander Drax: [becomes amazed after unleashing the power of all three skulls] These skulls are more powerful than I ever imagined! I’ve harnessed the energy of the sun! Who needs a fourth skull?

The Phantom: I do and I know where it is. I’ve worn it all my life. For protection. I never really understood what that meant until right now.

See Kit in Action:


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