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The Avengers Have a Hulk, Russia Has a Bear with Mini-Gun (Trailer)


Superheroes and comic book movies are every where these days and Russia is putting their own spin on The Avengers with The Guardians aka Zaschitniki.  When a villain named Kuratov, who can control any technology, attacks Moscow during the Cold War, a team of heroes codenamed Patriot is activated to stop him.  There’s Lars, who can manipulate the Earth, Ursus, who can transform into a gigantic bipedal bear and wields a mini-gun, Khan, a master of all blades and martial arts who has speed and strength augmentations and Xenia, who can manipulate water and go invisible.  It looks absolutely insane and kind of similar to something like Iron Sky and it’s directed by Sarik Andreasyan, who directed American Heist with Hayden Christensen and Jordana Brewster back in 2014.  The release date is February 23, 2017 but it’s not clear if that just Russia or international as well.  In any case, check out the trailer below.


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