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News Shotgun 9/3


  • RIP Gene Wilder: The legendary comedic actor was the latest amazing person we lost this year, as he passed away at age 83.  Wilder was privately battling Alzheimer’s Disease for the last three years and complications related to that are what caused his death.  Wilder has so many iconic, hilarious roles over his many years on screen including Willy Wonka, The Frisco Kid, Dr. Fred Frankenstein and so many more.  He had great collaborations with Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor and will be greatly missed.
  • Duke Nukem 3D coming to modern consoles: The classic Duke game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in a new remastered edition for it’s 20th anniversary from Gearbox.  The game will by $19.99 and feature the classic Duke Nukem 3D with all it’s campaigns and you can switch from the old and new graphics on the fly and there’s also a new 8 level campaign designed by many of the legends who made the original and Jon St. Jon is back with brand new Duke lines.  It’s out on October 11th.
  • The Walking Dead Season 3 arrives in November: Clementine is back in November for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, which takes place four years after the first season and you’ll control both Clementine and a new character, Javier.
  • RIP Jon Polito: Character actor Jon Polito, a regular in Coen Brothers movies as well as being a frequent voice actor, passed away at age 65.  He appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows over his career.
  • Tremors show coming to Amazon: I Love Dick probably won’t become a series at Amazon but Kevin Bacon revealed in a recent interview that the Tremors series/continuation he’s starring in will also be coming to Amazon in the near future, although it’s not clear if it will go right to series or have to battle it out in their Pilot Season program.
  • Third Kickboxer movie announced: The first in the new rebooted Kickboxer series, Kickboxer: Vengeance, is out right now on VOD and the second movie, Retaliation, is filming right now but the third film has been announced as Kickboxer: Syndicate, with Van Damme and Alain Moussi returning.
  • Jackie Chan getting an honorary Oscar: One of our favorite actors ever and an action movie legend, Jackie Chan will be getting an honorary Oscar at next year’s ceremony for his years of incredible stunt work and risking his life.
  • Marc Maron and Alison Brie starring in GLOW wrestling comedy: From Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan and Liz Flahive from Homeland is a new Netflix comedy series called GLOW, which stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a real federation from 1986 to 1990 that featured characters like The Heavy Metal Sisters and Big Bad Mama.  Alison Brie will star as one of the wrestlers and Marc Maron will be Sam Sylvia, a washed up Hollywood director who turns wrestling manager.  The show will be 10 episodes and probably arrive sometime in 2017.
  • Fox developing modern King Arthur procedural: Fox is developing Camelot, a modern take on King Arthur that turns the legendary knight into a modern day graffiti artist named Art who has a best friend named Lance and they have to team up with a cop named Gwen to fight an ancient magical evil that has reawoken.  Umm, what?
  • Bill Nye getting a Netflix talk show: Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to Netflix in the spring next year for a new show called Bill Nye Saves the World and each episode will tackle an important scientific topic and dispel the misinformation and myths that are spread about those topics, so it sounds sort of like Penn and Teller: Bullshit!.
  • EVE Online going Free-to-Play: The massively multiplayer space shooter will be going free to play starting in November.  Developer CCP announced that they will have a Alpha Clones tier and Omega Clones tier, with the Alpha tier being free to play but limited to the number of ships and skills available but the entire universe is still open to those players while Omega tier players will pay the normal monthly subscription and have full access to everything, as long as they have the credits.
  • Stranger Things Season 2 officially announced: Netflix officially confirmed season 2 of Stranger Things will arrive next year and the new season will jump ahead one year to 1984 and they revealed the episode titles in the teaser, which includes MadMax and The Secret Cabin.
  • New Warriors may be coming to TV in comedy series: A rumor this week is that ABC and Marvel may be developing a half hour comedy based around the New Warrriors, whose members include Speedball, Justice and Nova, and they would be joined by fan favorite Squirrel Girl.
  • Adam Scott and Craig Robinson developing comedic X-Files type show: Fox has picked up a new comedy from Adam Scott and Craig Robinson called Ghosted.  Scott will play a Mulderesque true believer who joins the Underground Investigative Service in Los Angeles and is partnered with the skeptical Robinson to investigate weird activity around the city.  The pair will also executive produce and will probably debut next Fall.
  • Karen Gillian joins Jumanji: The Doctor Who/Guardians of the Galaxy co-star has joined The Rock, Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas and Jack Black in the upcoming sequel to Jumanji as what The Rock calls “one of the most important roles in the movie” but we still don’t know much story details except that The Rock is apparently playing an Indiana Jones type adventurer named Dr. Bravestone.
  • Grimm cancelled by NBC: A surprising announcement right before the new seasons start, NBC announced that the upcoming sixth season of Grimm will be it’s last.  The final 13 episodes will begin in January next year.
  • Let the Right One In TV show in development: Having success with Animal Kingdom, TNT has ordered a pilot for an adaptation of Let the Right One In for the network.  Let the Right One In and it’s American remake Let Me In are highly regarded vampire movies that follow a young boy who befriends a young girl who lives in his apartment that turns out to be a vampire with a mysterious older caretaker.
  • Deathstroke most likely the main villain of The Batman: Ben Affleck posted a mysterious video to all of his social media earlier this week featuring DC villain Deathstroke in live action and there was speculation about whether this was for Justice League or the upcoming solo Batman movie but The Wrap confirmed with a source that Deathstroke will be the main villain of The Batman, that Ben Affleck is directing and co-writing with Geoff Johns.
  • Friday the 13th rights caught in legal battle: Original screenwriter Victor Miller is battling the current Friday the 13th right holders in court based on a copyright law that allows the original author of a work to terminate the current rights agreement and have the rights revert back to them.  If all goes as plan for Miller, he would get the rights back in 2018 but this obviously means the new Friday the 13th movie is on hold yet again and may never happen.


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