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Ben Affleck Returns to Crime in Live By Night (Trailer)

By Zach


Somehow between Justice League, getting ready for The Batman and The Accountant, Ben Affleck also had time to star and direct in Live by Night, the latest novel by Dennis Lehane to be adapted to the big screen after Mystic River and Shutter Island.  Starting out in the familiar turf of Boston, Affleck plays Joe Coughlin, a WWI vet who returns home in the 1920’s and becomes a gangster but gets on the wrong side of one the local crime bosses after getting involved with his moll and is forced to flee to Tampa, where he becomes involved in the steamy world of rum running.  The Boston stuff seems similiar to stuff we’ve seen before from that era but I’m really interested to see the rum running section in 20’s Florida, which is something I feel like we’ve never really seen on screen before.  Besides Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Chris Cooper, Sienna Miller, Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson and Chris Messina co-star.  It’s being released in a limited run at the end of the year for Oscar contention but it’s true wide release is January 13, 2017, check out the trailer below.

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