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Annabelle Terrorizes a New Family in 2017 (Trailer)


With The Conjuring 2 this past summer, Annabelle is stepping back up next year for a sequel to her spin-off with Lights Out director David F. Sandberg behind the camera.  It’s not clear when exactly it takes place in relation to The Conjuring 1 and Annabelle but it’s still sometime in the past and it follows a dollmaker and wife who welcome a nun and a group of orphaned girls into their home when their orphanage is closed down.  The dollmaker’s cursed creation, Annabelle, then starts targeting the girls.  This first trailer is just a tease, showing some pretty typical creepy kid/demonic possession stuff but it does feature star Miranda Otto.  The movie also stars Anthony LaPaglia and Stephanie Sigman and it’s out in May of next year, check out the teaser below.

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