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Musical Montage: The Power Station “Some Like It Hot”


The Power Station was an 80’s supergroup composed of Robert Palmer, Chic drummer Tony Thompson and Duran Duran members Andy and John Taylor.  Although we personally think their greatest musical contribution was “We Fight For Love” from Commando, their biggest hit was “Some Like It Hot”, off their debut album The Power Station.  The song hit number 6 on the Billboard charts in 1985 and was featured in the second Vacation movie, European Vacation, in a bizarre sequence where Rusty fantasizes about visiting a European nightclub that features a lot of androgynous patrons that are all over him.  Family Guy also used the song and featured the band in their Return of the Jedi parody, It’s A Trap!  Although it doesn’t have any tie-ins to European Vacation, you can still check out the music video for “Some Like It Hot” below.


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