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Dolph Hunts Demons in Don’t Kill It (Trailer)


Dolph Lundgren’s latest action adventure pits him up against demonic forces in “Don’t Kill It”.  Dolph plays Jebediah Woodley, a demon hunter who arrives in a small town in Mississippi that has faced a rash of homicides.  Jebediah believes it’s a demon who takes over whoever kills it’s most recent host, making things a little trickier than usual.  He has to team up with an FBI agent to take the demon down.  It looks like some fun, Sam Raimi lite demon hunting action with Dolph in kind of an Ash/Bruce Campbell role.  It’s actually supposed to be out on Saturday (9/24) according to IMDB, so check out the trailer below and then check your VOD source of choice to see if it’s available.

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