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Up to Speed: Star Wars Rebels Season 3


If you haven’t been watching Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, now is the best time to catch up, as Season 3 is set to be the biggest and best season yet.  The crew of the Ghost, Jedis Kanan and Ezra, pilot Hera, ex-Mandalorian Sabine, Lasat mercenary Zeb and grouchy droid Chopper, are part of the slowly growing Rebellion but they drew the attention of Darth Vader last season and now face the calculated wrath of Grand Admiral Thrawn this coming season, who makes his return to proper Star Wars canon.  There’s also lots more Jedi and Sith mythology to dive into as Ezra is pulled between both sides of the force. If you don’t have time to fully catch up on the show, Star Wars Explained over on youtube has a 3 minute recap of everything you need to know before Season 3 starts on Saturday on Disney XD.  Check it out below.

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