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Musical Montage: Incubus “Make a Move”

There’s a scene in Rob Cohen’s disastrous Stealth where rogue AI plane EDI is said to have downloaded every song ever put on the Internet, which makes it absolutely inexplicable that all he plays is Incubus and other early 2000’s nu-metal.  EDI kind of acts like a rebellious teen throughout most of the movie, so it kind of makes sense that he’s blasting songs while luring his human squad mates to their deaths or trying to start World War III.  Incubus had four songs on the movie’s soundtrack and other songs from bands like The Fray instantly date it back to the mid 2000’s.  The only song that got an actual tie-in music video was Make a Move from Incubus, which features the band playing in the desert as clips from the movie play on a giant, fake screen in the background.  Check it out below.

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