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Musical Montage: The Elm Street Group “Do the Freddy”

By Zach


Freddy Krueger started out as a horrifying monster but quickly turned into a cartoon character as the series got more and more popular, appearing on every piece merchandising you could imagine and doing all sorts of wacky cameos and public appearances.  Things reached their nadir in 1987 when “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” was released, a cheesy, ridiculous album of 60’s inspired dance songs with Robert Englund singing along with “The Elm Street Group”.  Songs included “Down in the Boiler Room”, “Elm Street Dreams”, a cover of Wooly Bully and, the piece de resistance, “Do the Freddy”, which tried and failed to start a new dance craze.  What makes Do the Freddy even more insane is that The Freddy was actually already a failed dance craze from the 60’s by Freddie and the Dreamers.  Unfortunately, none of the songs have any official music videos attached but you can listen to Do the Freddy below.

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