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Battle at the Box Office 10/24

By Zach


Boo! A Madea Halloween managed to defeat Tom Cruise at the box office this past weekend with the fourth best opening for a Tyler Perry movie and the best opening for the Madea series.  The movie made $27.6 million, putting it just shy of Why Did I Get Married Too? on Perry’s list of openings and over ten million more than the last Madea movie, A Madea Christmas.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back took second place and, while it topped the first Jack Reacher’s opening, the reviews are not as strong and it may not stick around as long as the first movie did.  Never Go Back made $23 million, putting it at 16th on the list of Tom Cruise openings.  The first Jack Reacher made $15.2 million back in 2012.

Ouija: Origin of Evil took third place with $14 million, down $5 million from the first Ouija’s opening despite incredibly strong reviews.

The Accountant and The Girl on the Train rounded out the top 5.

Further down the list, Keeping Up with the Joneses, despite it’s star studded cast, was a disaster, having a worse opening that the prior Zach Galfinakis ensemble comedy, Masterminds, that was also a disaster.  Joneses only made $5.6 million, putting it at number 10 on the list of worst openings for movies in over 3,000 theaters.  Masterminds made $6.5 million it’s opening weekend.

On the indie scene, potential Oscar contender Moonlight had the highest per theater opening of the year as it made $413,740 in 4 theaters.

In it’s second week, Max Steel is proving to be a garbage fire as it only made $659,126 and has only made $3.4 million total.  It’s not quite as big a disaster as say, Jem and the Holograms, but it’s close.

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