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EA Commentary: The Toxic Avenger


To celebrate Halloween, our October Movie of the Month was The Toxic Avenger and the crew of Zach, Chris, Chris Ali and special guest Ben head to Tromaville to experience Toxie’s first bizarre, disgusting, hilariously offensive adventure.  When nerdy janitor Melvin Junko is tricked by the homicidal bullies who hang out at the gym he works at into thinking he has a chance to get lucky with one of the girls, he falls out a window into barrel of toxic waste that just so happens to be on a truck parked out side and transforms into the hideous but superpowered Toxic Avenger and proceeds to get revenge on the bullies and then decides to fight evil in general, which leads to him facing off against the corrupt mayor of Tromaville.  The guys try to figure out how big the gym actually is, why Toxie’s face is hidden for the first half of the movie, if Lloyd Kaufman went too far by killing a dog, why Toxie suddenly gets an NPR voice when he’s transformed and much more.  Being the awesome company that they are, Troma actually put up The Toxic Avenger in full for free on youtube, so you can sync it up with our commentary and enjoy some wonderfully offensive cult 80’s goodness.



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