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Bryan Mills Begins in NBC’s Taken (Trailer)

The recent trend of reimaginign movies into episodic TV shows is not stopping anytime soon as early next year, NBC is bringing us a prequel to Taken.  Clive Standen, aka Rollo on Vikings, takes over for Liam Neeson as the younger Bryan Mills, whose sister is tragically killed during an attack on a train she and Bryan are traveling home on.  Since he single handedly stopped the attackers, CIA agent Christina Heart (Jennifer Beals) recruits him into the agency to use his particular set of skills to protect others.  It seems like this show might be a “kidnapped person of the week” that Bryan will have to rescue.  I like Standen on Vikings but it doesn’t seem like he would age into Neeson, especially not vocally, but we’ll find out when the show starts on February 27th.  Check out the trailer below.


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