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Battle at the Box Office 12/26

Despite competition from a slew of new movies, Rogue One remained on top over the Christmas weekend, pulling in another $96 million and bringing it to over $318 million total for it’s two weeks out.  It’s now the fourth highest grossing Star Wars movie and it’s also crossed over half a billion worldwide.

Sing took second place with $56 million, which puts it about on par with the first Despicable Me and better than Hop.  It’s actually also on par with Moana’s opening as well but nowhere near the opening of Illumination Animation’s summer hit, The Secret Life of Pets, which made over $104 million in it’s opening weekend.

Passengers took third place with $23 million, which puts it ninth overall for Jennifer Lawrence’s openings and eighth for Chris Pratt.

Why Him? took fourth with $16.7 million while Assassin’s Creed took fifth with $15 million.  As far as video game adaptations go, that opening puts Assassin’s Creed in 21st place, between Super Mario Bros and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and less than this year’s other big game movie, Warcraft, which made $24 million it’s opening weekend.

Fences jumped from 25th to sixth place with it’s nationwide expansion and made $11.4 million.

After getting raked over the coals, Collateral Beauty dropped from fourth to barely staying in the top 10 with just another $7 million.

On the indie side of things, Jackie and Lion both expanded wide while Hidden Figures opened to $955,000 in only 25 theaters and Patriot’s Day made $241,306 in only 7 theaters.

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