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Best of 2016: Gio’s Top 10 Video Games

To top off the worst year ever, I’m not certain I even watched ten movies that came out this year.  However I have played 10 games, and this is by and large an opinion piece, so feel free to spark debate below.

  1. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine: The final expansion to the greatest game of all time, it was exactly what I dreamed of, and it basically ruined the rest of the year for me because I couldn’t really enjoy a single game until..
  2. Final Fantasy XV: While not for everyone, the die-hard fans will love every throwback, and the wonderfully refreshing combat system that has yet to get boring 90 hours in, I should have a full review when I run out of quests and dungeons.
  3. Dark Souls 3: Love me some souls games, though not exactly a master of them, it’s not as good as one, and has faster, more bloodbourney combat to boot, but still great.
  4. The Witness: Still haven’t beaten it, I’m not smart enough for whatever is going on inside the mountain, but it’s gorgeous and super rewarding when you get done with a section.
  5. Darkest Dungeon: The most roguelike roguelike of all time, and yeah it’s been a game forever, but it finally came out of early access this year.  If you really like getting angry and your party dying to bullshit, this is your game.
  6. Doom: The remake no one thought would be good, I’m not the biggest shooty pew pew guy but I had fun with what I played, gotta go back and beat the game.
  7. World of Final Fantasy: Cute fan-service in game form, the mechanics are why to play the game, the rest is overtly cute garbage.
  8. Telltale Batman: Played Chapter 2 at PAX, looks real promising, I won’t finish the game until Ch 5 is out though, and I needed to make this list before that will happen, might’ve been higher on the list otherwise.
  9. Pokemon Go: Barely a game, but I played it everyday until they made it stop working entirely on public transit.
  10. No Man’s Sky: Just don’t.. It’s only 10 on the list because after the Witcher was over the only way for me to stop being sad was to hope for the future.. In this game my hope was misplaced, and also I ran out of games that were new this year.

And no, I didn’t buy Civ 6 yet because the game of the year edition will be like 5 bucks during the steam winter sale in 2 years, saving me hundreds!

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