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Battle at the Box Office 1/9

Rogue One held onto the top spot for another weekend but just barely over the wide expanding Hidden Figures.  Rogue One made another $22 million, putting it over $477 million for it’s domestic total and combined with international it’s made over $914 million total, making it the third highest grossing Star Wars movie behind The Force Awakens and The Phantom Menace.

Hidden Figures made $21.8 million, jumping up to second from 17th when it was in limited release.  The movie got 2,446 new theaters and has made $24.7 million so far.  Compared to similar movies, it’s slightly behind The Help as far as opening weekend but it did open higher than The Butler.

Sing dropped down to third place with another $19.5 million, putting it over $213 million for it’s three weeks out.

Underworld: Blood Wars opened in fourth place with the lowest opening for the franchise at $13.1 million.  That’s lower than even Rise of the Lycans, which didn’t star Kate Beckinsale.  The budget for this one was half as much as Underworld: Awakening, so the loss is not quite as bad it could be but this might be the end of the Underworld series.

La La Land rounded out the top 5 with $10 million as it moved into another 765 theaters over the weekend and it should do even better in the next week or so as it sweeped the Golden Globes and will be a major Oscar frontrunner.

There’s a bunch of movies opening wider this weekend along with new releases, so Rogue One might finally be unseated.

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