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Deadpool is Back in a New Pre-Logan Bonus Clip

By Zach

The cat is out of the bag as far as the bonus attached to Logan this weekend as Ryan Reynolds released the special “No Good Deed” clip online today.  It’s being called a “teaser” for Deadpool 2 but it seems like just a special bonus made specifically for Logan as Wade, walking past a theater conveniently showing Logan, sees a man being mugged in the street and tries to change into his Deadpool costume in a phone booth a la Superman to save the day but it takes a little longer than he expected.  Even within the 3 minute run time, the clip is jam packed with Easter Eggs and the meta humor we all loved from last year’s Kick Ass Movie of the Year as Wade yells at Stan Lee and listens to some of the greatest hits of the 80’s and there’s a long string of what looks like legal text at the end that will require some freeze framing.  Check out the whole clip below and Deadpool 2 hits next year.

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