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News Shotgun 3/18

  • Clueless getting a comic series: Boom Studios are bringing back Cher and the rest of the Clueless gang in a new comic that is set during the group’s senior year in high school.  Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn are writing the story and Siobhan Keenan is doing the art and they are keeping it set in the 90’s as opposed to modernizing it.
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater documentary in the works: Currently trying to crowd source funds, Pretending I’m a Superman is a documentary about the development and cultural impact of the Tony Hawk games, with interviews with Hawk himself, Rodney Mullen and other skaters featured in the games as well as the former team members of Neversoft who worked on them.
  • Scott Pilgrim getting a card game: Based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s original comic, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game is coming out this summer and will allow you to play as Scott, Ramona and other characters as they try to inch closer to adulthood but you can make life decisions rationally or with crazy video game violence thanks to double sided cards.  Renegade Game Studios is publishing the game.
  • Henry Cavill joins MI 6: Cavill will join Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner and Vanessa Kirby in an unknown role for the upcoming Mission Impossible 6, which is being directed by Rogue Nation and Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie.
  • Sony announces date for Venom movie: Taking over the release date previously filled by Aquaman, Sony will put out a Venom solo movie next year on October 5th.  Alex Kurtzman is rumored to be directing, following up this year’s reboot of The Mummy.
  • Aquaman pushed back: Speaking of Aquaman, it’s new release date is December 21, 2018, taking over the spot previously held by Avatar 2, which is back to an undetermined time in the future.
  • The Rock’s disaster movie Skyscraper moving forward: Dwayne Johnson never stops and one of his next projects is a disaster movie set in China called Skyscraper, where he plays a “disabled war vet” who has to rescue his family from a fire that has engulfed the world’s tallest building.  It’s looking at a July 2018 release.
  • Legion renewed for season 2: FX has renewed Noah Hawley’s trippy X-Men show Legion for another season that will air most likely next year.
  • The Batman being rewritten from scratch: After the directing drama of a few weeks ago was seemingly settled, a new speed bump in the development of The Batman hit this week as the movie’s script is apparently being rewritten from scratch, delaying it even more than it already was and most likely causing DC/WB to rearrange their DCEU schedule.
  • Capcom releasing a Disney Afternoon collection: Capcom is putting out a collection of their classic NES platformers based on the shows of the Disney Afternoon block which includes TaleSpin, Ducktales 1 & 2, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers 1 & 2 and Darkwing Duck.  The games will be remastered to 1080p but not feature new graphics like the previously released Ducktales Remastered and will feature new modes and museum feature.  The collection will hit in April for all current consoles for $19.99.
  • Matthew Vaughn could be directing Man of Steel 2: WB is apparently in preliminary talks with X-Men: First Class/Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn to direct Man of Steel 2.  Vaughn apparently met with them in 2010 to actually pitch a new Superman movie, which was apparently the exact opposite of the direction they went with Superman.
  • Godzilla anime movie hitting Netflix: Netflix has gotten the US distribution rights to the upcoming Godzilla anime movie that will hit Japanese theaters in a week or so.  The new anime is a joint project between Toho and Polygon Pictures but the story is still under wraps besides a few pieces of concept art.
  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web in production at Sony: It’s been six years since the David Fincher directed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo adaptation hit and Sony is finally getting a sequel in development, although it’s based on the fourth book in the series, The Girl in the Spider’s Web and seems to be a soft reboot as Fincher and the original cast are not involved.  Evil Dead/Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez is at the helm and Sony is apparently looking at actresses like Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson to be the new Lisbeth Salander.  The novel sees Salander and Mikael Blomkvist trying to track down a group of Russian cybercriminals calling themselves the “Spider Society”.
  • The Fly remake gets a director: Fox is remaking David Cronenberg’s classic The Fly, itself a remake of the Vincent Price starring original, and have hired director JD Dillard, whose movie Sleight is hitting later this year. Dillard is also co-writing the script with his Sleight writing partner Alex Theurer.
  • WB considering some sort of Matrix revival: Probably the biggest news that rocked the Internet this week is that Warner Bros. is looking to possibly reboot/remake/expand on The Matrix with Zak Penn hired to write a screenplay and possibly looking at Michael B. Jordan to star.  It seems like it will not be straight up remake but as the week went on, it seems more possible it might be a Rogue One style idea of a new story taking place between or before the original trilogy, maybe a young Morpheus movie based on Jordan’s potential casting.  The Wachowskis are, as of right now, apparently not involved.


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