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Learn the Origins of Annabelle in Annabelle: Creation (Trailer)

The Conjuring universe continues to expand with another entry in the story of demonic doll Annabelle this summer with Annabelle: Creation.  Detailing how the demonic spirits entered the doll, Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto are a dollmaker and his wife who lose their daughter in a tragic accident but start to be visited by what seems like her spirit, which asks to be placed into a doll to stay with them forever but, of course, that spirit is pure evil and, when a nun and several girls arrive to stay with them after their orphanage is shut down, Annabelle starts attacking them.  David F. Sandberg, who directed Lights Out, is directing Annabelle: Creation with James Wan producing and it’s out on August 11th.  Check out the trailer below.

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