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The Fourth and Final Season of Star Wars Rebels Begins This Fall (Trailer)

Revealed during the Star Wars Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration, the trailer for the fourth and, as revealed by showrunner Dave Filoni, last season of Star Wars Rebels is here.  (Possible spoilers for Season 3) After suffering a pretty major defeat at the hands of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the crew of the Ghost and the fledgling Rebel Alliance needs a new base and new ships and it looks like they’ll get both this season as they’ll finally get their hands on some X-Wings and find a new home on Yavin IV.  Fans of the old school EU will probably be excited that the character Rukh is arriving this season, who was Thrawn’s main bodyguard in the Timothy Zahn trilogy but discovered Thrawn was lying to him about the Empire’s aid to his homeworld and killed him.  Personally, I hope Thrawn makes it through Rebels intact so that there’s the chance he could show up in live action down the line.  There looks to also be more with Sabine and her family trying to unite the Mandalorian clans under House Ren and Agent Kallus is also now fully defected and part of the crew.  Rebels has been fantastic so far, with tons of great nods for fans and lots of callbacks for fans of The Clone Wars too.  The final season starts in the fall on Disney XD and you can check out the trailer below.

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