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News Shotgun 4/22

  • General Zod coming to Supergirl: One of Superman’s greatest foes will face off against Supergirl on the season finale of season 2 on May 22nd.  Mark Gibbon, who’s appeared in things like Smallville and Chronicles of Riddick, will play Zod.
  • Friday the 13th game gets a release date: Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game will arrive on May 26th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
  • Jason Statham and The Rock may be getting a Fast & Furious spin-off: Easily the best part of Fate of the Furious, Statham and The Rock may get their own spin-off movie where Hobbs has to seek out the help of Deckard Shaw on a mission not involving the Toretto family.  Series screenwriter Chris Morgan would write the script.
  • Call of Duty returns to World War II: Activision confirmed this week that Call of Duty would be returning to it’s roots for this year’s title with Call of Duty: WWII.  Sledgehammer Games, the studio behind Advanced Warfare, will be developing WWII and there will be a first look next Wednesday.
  • X-Files returning for another season: Fox has ordered another season of paranormal investigations by Mulder & Scully after last year’s revival season.  The new season will be 10 episodes compared to the prior season’s six.
  • Adam Warlock will be in Guardians 3: Hinted at in the first Guardians movie, cosmic Marvel hero Adam Warlock will be featured in Guardians 3 according to James Gunn and will be an important part of the MCU post Infinity War, but he won’t factor into that film.  Maybe he’ll appear in one of the FIVE post-credit scenes that Guardians 2 will have.
  • Hulu order a pilot for Locke & Key adaptation: Hulu may be getting an adaptation of the excellent horror comic series Locke & Key, written by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill, where three siblings move into their family’s ancestral home in Maine and discover a number of keys with magical and dangerous powers.  Scott Derrickson, director of Doctor Strange, is directing the pilot for Hulu.
  • Battle for James Bond begins: The rights to James Bond and distributing the upcoming 25th movie are up for grabs and there are apparently five different studios battling each other.  WB, Universal, Fox, Sony and Annapurna are all pitching EON and MGM for their shot to put out the iconic series under their banner.  Sony was the last studio to hold the rights and had a four picture deal.
  • HBO making a new Fahrenheit 451 movie: HBO is making a new adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s iconic novel Fahrenheit 451 and has cast Michael B. Jordan as the book’s protagonist, Montag, and Michael Shannon will play his boss.  Both of the characters are “firemen” in a dystopian future where they seek out and burn books, which the government has made illegal to own.
  • Will Smith in talks to play Genie in live action Aladdin: Disney is going full speed adapting their animated classics into live action and for their upcoming Aladdin remake, it seems they are in talks with Will Smith to take over as Genie, the role made iconic by Robin Williams.  It seems like a kind of weird choice and Smith would probably be a more low key and cool genie compared to Williams’ manic energy.
  • Captain Marvel directors hired: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have been chosen to direct the upcoming Captain Marvel movie for Marvel.  The duo previously directed the poker drama Mississippi Grind, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Sugar.  The movie is coming in March 2019.
  • Freeform’s New Warriors team revealed: Led by Squirrel Girl, her New Warriors teammates will be Speedball, Mister Immortal, Night Thrasher, Microbe and Debrii.  The show is a half hour live action comedy show on Freeform debuting next year.
  • Arnold narrating new 3D ocean documentary: Arnold will be providing the narration for a new ocean documentary called Wonders of the Sea 3D that Arnold co-directed with Jean-Michael Costeau, the son of Jacques Costeau.
  • TNT delays Tales from the Crypt reboot: TNT has delayed the debut of their reboot of Tales from the Crypt by M. Night Shyamalan because of rights issues around the comics and the original HBO series.  TNT also cancelled production on their Let the Right One In adaptation.
  • Man from UNCLE sequel being written: Armie Hammer mentioned while on the press junket for Free Fire that a sequel to Guy Ritchie’s super fun, super stylish Man from UNCLE is being written by the screenwriter of the first film, Lionel Wigram, who also produced the movie.
  • Netflix bringing back Carmen Sandiego: Netflix is rebooting the classic edutainment series Carmen Sandiego with a new animated series for the streaming service.  Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez will voice Carmen and the new show will dive more into her origins and how she became the world’s greatest thief.  Netflix ordered 20 episodes for the first season.
  • Jackie Chan bringing back Jackie Chan Adventures: Jackie Chan is somewhat reviving his old Kids WB series Jackie Chan Adventures for a new Chinese animated series called J-Team: The All New Jackie Chan Adventures, that will find Jackie leading a team of kids to protect a magical land from invading monsters while also teaching life lessons. There doesn’t seem to be any plans for it to air outside of China right now but it seems like something Netflix would grab the rights to at some point.
  • F is for Family Season 2 date: Bill Burr’s hilarious 70’s set animated series will return to Netflix for a second season on May 30th.
  • King Kong TV show in the works: Unrelated to the Godzilla/Kong movie universe, IM Global Television and MarVista Entertainment are developing a TV show set on Skull Island based on two Kong books by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland and the show would be set in the modern day while exploring the origins of Kong and the island.


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