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Bruce Willis Tries To Get His Dog Back in Once Upon a Time in Venice (Trailer)

Bruce Willis has been sleepwalking through a slew of straight to DVD action schlock in the last few years but he’s got a great supporting cast for the upcoming action/comedy, Once Upon a Time in Venice.  Willis plays private eye Steve Ford, whose dog Buddy is stolen by a local drug dealer and Ford has to steal back a suitcase of drugs for him to get Buddy back.  John Goodman and Thomas Middleditch back up Willis as his best friend and assistant respectively and Jason Momoa is the drug dealer.  Famke Janssen, Adam Goldberg and Kal Penn co-star and I get shades of Keanu but it’s also trying really hard to be a sort of Shane Black/Elmore Leonard crime caper but it’s from the guys who wrote Cop Out, so set your expectations accordingly.  Hopefully Willis actually cares this time and we’ll find out on June 16th.  Check out the trailer below.

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